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My plan to sail around the world with Liam

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Please support the great project: Sailing around the world with Liam, and writing a cynological documentation of that experience: www.gofundme.com/weltumsegelung-mit-liam

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  • June 2021

    That was the last formally necessary examination, the last certificate I need. Come today. So now all formal requirements are met :)

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    The so-called "Great Pyro-Certificate“ - check!

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  • April 2021

    The radio certificate tests passed :) now only the certificate for pyrotechnics is missing.

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    One VHF license for international sea areas, and one for inland waters. Today, on April 29th passed :)
  • March 2021

    Radar - finally !
    Update: Unfortunately it had to go back due to a mistake by the provider :(

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    Finally done, it's there, the radar. An important prerequisite for being able to sail alone at night. Liam doesn't manage the helmsman yet ;)

    It's pretty big, take a look at the computer mouse in comparison.
  • March 2021

    Trailer coupling, TÜV for the trailer

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    Important milestones: the trailer coupling and the TÜV for the trailer. More on this in the BLOG.

    Hopefully the project will be saved. Please participate by donating or sharing this appeal: https://www.gofundme.com/weltumsegelung-mit-liam.
  • January 2021

    The idea:
    Start of the fundraising campaign „Sailing around the world with Liam and documentation as a book"

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    Hopefully the salvation of the project. Please get involved by donating or sharing this appeal: https://www.gofundme.com/weltumsegelung-mit-liam.
  • Spring 2020


    Everything stands - including making money - at around 50% of the value, it would normally be.
  • Winter 2019

    Hannibal got very sick ...

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    The best dog of all was diagnosed with a serious heart defect at the age of 8.5. The treatment was extremely expensive, I don't regret a single cent. The project had to rest. He lived almost symptom-free until January 13, 2020. I and Liam miss him very much. In our hearts he will be with us on the journey. He always accompanies us ...
  • April 2019

    Tracking website is set up

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    After purchasing an IRIDIUM device that has reception all over the world, I was able to create this website. For friends, family, acquaintances who would like to follow where Liam and I are hanging around (better sailing than drifting ;)
  • January 2019

    SKS theory test is being prepared

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    After I passed the SKS practical exam on Elba in September 2017, it is now time to do the theory. You only have 24 months to do this. Booked a really good course on this in Cologne. But it involves a lot of learning. It will be fine!
  • July 2018

    Dinghy is ready

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    Today I bought a light and, above all, easy to assemble inflatable boat with a lot of load capacity as a dinghy. Looks good next to Hannibal :)
  • May 2018

    Liam has come

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    Our pack now has 3 members again: Liam, a 2.5 year old mix from Romania, has joined us. He will accompany me while sailing :)
  • February 2018

    Leonie finally is in my garden

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  • December 2017

    Leonie gets a pantry

  • September 2017

    Practical coastal sailing exam on Elba

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  • August 2017

    Buying a sailing yacht in the Allgäu (Bavaria)

    I want to cross the Atlantic with her soon. Rollo Gebhard sailed around the world with exactly the same type of boat, just him. But that was still Rollo Gebhard ;)
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  • November 2016

    All necessary driving licenses for sports boats

  • 2009 - 2018

    Camping holidays in Corsica, directly by the sea

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  • 1967 - 2008

    Camping holidays in Italy, directly by the sea

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  • 2004

    Fellow sailor in the Indian Ocean. 3 months at sea.

    I was a fellow sailor. Actually a job: We transferred three Turkish yachts in a convoy to a new owner (a total of 18 fellow sailors, 6 per boat). It went from Turkey via Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Oman to the Maldives. That was the biggest thing in my life so far ...
  • 2000 - today

    Reading numerous sailing books (German books)

    Sportküstenschifferschein, Sportbootführerschein See
    (Axel Bark, 2015)

    Den Wind im Gepäck
    (Marc Bielefeld, 2016)

    Wer Meer hat, braucht weniger
    (Marc Bielefeld, 2019)

    Wetter auf See
    (Ralf Brauner, Boris Herrmann, Hans-Jörg Nafzger, 2019)

    Rumpf und Decksreparaturen
    (Don Casey, 2017)

    Allein über den Atlantik
    (Johannas Erdmann, 2008)

    Mein Schicksal heißt Kathena
    (Wilfried Erdmann, 2011)

    Segeln auf See
    (Wilfried Erdmann, 1995)

    Segeln mit Wilfried Erdmann
    (Wilfried Erdmann, 2002)

    111 Gründe segeln zu gehen
    (Klaus Freund, 2017)

    Ein Mann und sein Boot
    (Rollo Gebhard, 2001)

    Leinen los - Wir segeln um
    die Welt (Rollo Gebhard, 1986)

    Logbuch eines Lebens
    (Rollo Gebhard, 2006)

    (Rollo Gebhard, 1983)

    Hart am Wind
    (Pete Goss, 1999)

    (Wolfgang Hausner, 1993)

    Mit kleinem Geld auf große Fahrt
    (Annie Hill, 1998)

    Vom Alltag in die Südsee
    (Rüdiger Hirche /
    Gaby Kinsberger, 2001)

    Komm, wir segeln um die Welt
    (Beate Kammler, 2001)
    Hundeleben in Herrlichkeit
    (Ernst-Jürgen Koch, 1968)

    (Wilfried Krusekopf, 2016)

    Nur Atlantik
    (Thomas Langer, 2011)

    Perfekte Bootsreparatur
    (Pat Manley / Rupert Holmes, 2012)

    (Bernard Moitessier, 2015)

    (Klaus Momberg, 1999)

    Freiheit auf See
    (Kristina Müller, 2019)

    Der erfüllbare Traum
    (Klaus Nölten / Johanna Michaelis, 2004)

    Auf acht Metern um die Welt
    (Sebastian Pieters, 2015)

    Die See gehört mir
    (Uwe Röttgering, 2007)

    (Bobby Schenk, 2013)

    UKW-Funkzeugnisse SRC und UBI
    (Klaus Schlösser, 2017)

    Elektrik an Bord
    (Andrew Simpson, 2012)

    Allein um die Welt segeln
    (Joshua Slocum, 2014)

    Astronomische Navigation
    (Walter Stein, 1980)

    Das Glück war jeden Tag an Bord (Diane Stuemer, 2002)

    Per Anhalter über den Atlantik
    (Christoph Vougessis, Anna Haubrich, 2019)

    Watt, Volt und andere Schikanen
    (Alexander Worms, 2013)
  • 1972 - today

    Living beneath the Rhine

  • 1969 - 1971

    Living beneath Lake Constance

  • May 1964 - December 1968

    Living in Hannover (Langenhagen)

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    I was born in Langenhagen (Hanover) very close to the „Silbersee“. Just in time for the start of the sailing season ;)
New entries are at the top, older ones at the bottom.
  • Bad luck !
    Sometimes it's bewitched :( First Corona and then the flood in Erftstadt ensured that the planned tour of Corsica will not take place until 2022.
    After Leonie's rudder was damaged, I finally found a shipyard that agreed to repair the rudder for cash. And guess when that was and where the shipyard is? Right, it was about 1 week before the bad flood, and the shipyard is in Erftstadt :(((
    In the meantime I have found out that my rudder still exists, but it took 6 weeks before I was able to contact the shipyard again. The time set aside for this was over.

    Now I'm out again for about 6 weeks because of a spinal surgery ... so the time goes by :( But of course I won't let myself be dissuaded from the plan, it will work!

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  • Here is a current overview of the on-board equipment
    Some big points are still pending, but it will be more manageable :) In the meantime, the costs for the purchased on-board technology have exceeded the purchase price of the used Leonie. Unfortunately, the radar had to go back due to a mistake by the provider.
    already there:

    • Leonies Pantry - Umbau
    • Spirituskocher, kardanisch
    • Kühlschrank bis -18 Grad Celsius
    • MFD GPS / Kartenplotter
    • Navionics-Karten
    • Sonar
    • Lowrance UKW Funke inkl. AIS
    • Nmea 2000 Netz
    • VHF Antenne
    • Logge und Tiefenmesser
    • Weltempfänger
    • Autoradio
    • Stromgenerator 1000 W (Benzin)
    • Kajüt-Heizung
    • Windrichtungsanzeiger (Verklicker)
    • Hand-GPS
    • Handfunke
    • Schaltpaneel und Sicherungen
    • großer Boardkompass
    • Batteriemonitor
    • 230 V Landstromanschluss
    • Sicherungskasten 230 V
    • Schiffsbarometer
    • 2 Bilgenpumpen mit Zubehör
    • Hauptsicherung
    • Druckwasserpumpe
    • AIS Transceiver mit VHF-Weiche
    • Windsensor inkl. 20 m Kabel
    • Wetterstation
    • Pinnenpilot TP 32
    • Offshore Segel-Funktionsbekleidung für extreme Wetterbedingungen
    • Dinghi
    • Fernglas mit Peilkompass
    • Iridium (SMS, Email, Tracking, Wetter, SOS)
    • Windmesser - Handgerät
    • Radarreflektor
    • Nmea GPS Heading Antenne
    • Galvanischer Isolator
    • Tiefentladeschutz
    • Bimini
    • Marine Ladegerät 25 A

    still pending:

    • Radar (ca. 2400 €)
    • Windgenerator (ca. 1600 €)
    • Solarpanelanlage (ca. 850 €)
    • Windsteueranlage (ca. 2200 €)
    • Material GFK - Arbeiten (ca. 400 €)
    • Lackierung / Antifouling (ca. 350 €)
    • 12 V + 230 V Kabel (Meterware)
    • Sinus-Wechselrichter mind. 1500 W (ca. 250 €)
    • 2 Bootsbatterien (ca. 800 €)
    • Rettungsinsel (ca. 1000 €)
    • Sprayhood (ca. 1000 €)
    • Treibanker (ca. 50 €)
    • Epirb (ca. 400 €)
    • (Sextant (ca. 750 €))
  • International card for pleasure craft
    Today the International card for pleasure craft came to me. This is very important to be recognized abroad with Leonie. Good day :)
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  • Finally all the requirements together :)))
    On May 10th, 21 I passed the big pyro certificate, so I have all the formally necessary tests for the trip together. A great day!
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  • Ship Station License received :)
    Call number, MMSI and ATIS have today been assigned for LEONIE without a time limit. So we are now eligible to participate in marine and inland radio.
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  • Registered
    Next very import milestone: From today the trailer is registerd for me and ready to go :) Next destination is Genua. There he has to wait for the return of Leonie.
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  • TÜV appointment
    There is great news again. After the Eberth (that's what I call my E-Class;)) recently got a very strong trailer hitch, we went to the TÜV with Leonie yesterday on her trailer. The trailer must first get TÜV, then be registered. And what can I say? ... in perfect weather he got TÜV without defects and also immediately 4 brand new tires.
    The tire service is right next to the TÜV test center. The examiner had drawn my attention to the 20 year old tires ... oh man. If I had known that, I wouldn't even have dared to drive these tires all the way to the TÜV. So IMMEDIATELY 4 new ones and not only me, but also the examiner was happy :)

    So, step by step it goes on ... the radar device should come on Monday and I have the appointment to register the trailer at the road traffic office. I'll keep you up to date ... THANK YOU!

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  • The trailer hitch :)
    A very important milestone was reached on Tuesday. My car now has a suitable trailer hitch so that I can pull Leonie to the Mediterranean in the summer for the test trip :).
    Thank you very much for that! About 2000.- € are still missing for the trial trip. So please stay tuned, share, talk about it and donate a little something here and there (click on the picture)

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  • The Corona break is very nerve-wracking ...
    If everything that takes place in the fresh air with sufficient distance were not forbidden unnecessarily, the project would not have to pause for cost reasons. Damn! But we really hope that the fundraiser at GoFundMe.com will be a success. (Click on the big picture)
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  • First lying test for Liam
    Today Liam had the very first contact with Leonie ... a little uncomfortable he let me carry him inside. How I would like to include Hannibal, but he fits definetly not into it - (Leonberger with 89 cm withers, 80 kg)
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    Very sad because Hannibal is too big for Leonie :(
  • Welcome Dinghy
    As a dinghy, I use a small, sturdy inflatable boat, which is powered by the paddles or the 5 HP Mercury outboard. I have now successfully tested this for the first time. Video is below ...
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in progress ...